Our Team
Erik Holzbaur
General Manager

Erik started his career gaining some experience in corporate restaurants before joining the Big Fish Restaurant Group team. He has been with the company for 6 years as a General Manager at one of the other locations previous to opening Trolley Square Oyster House.  Erik believes that the guest’s experience is the most important of dining operations and believes that Big Fish’s team service is the best way to ensure that every guest leaves happy.

Mario Mendez
Kitchen Manager

Mario has been with Big Fish Restaurant Group for over 4 years now. His experience and get it done attitude has been a huge contribution to several restaurants within the company previously. Mario’s dedication has led him to become the Chef currently at Trolley Square Oyster House and Bar Roja. In his free time, Mario enjoys cars, cooking and music.

Assistant General Manager

Born a Wilmington, Delaware, Tim gained his management experience in corporate restaurants for 5 years before joining the Big Fish Restaurant Group. A Division III athlete and graduate from Neumann University, Tim brings competitiveness, professionalism, and a business-driven mindset to the Trolley Square Oyster House. In his free time, Tim enjoys watching Philadelphia sports teams, going to the beach, and spending time with friends & family.